29$ Gift For PHENOPEN Vaping Device With A Revolutionary Hemp Extract

CBD – A Special Gift From Mother Nature

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is an active compound that occurs naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. Quite different to its big brother THC, CBD offers no psychoactive effects.

That means that CBD doesn’t make you high or leave you feeling confused or disoriented.
CBD is thought to have numerous medical benefits for those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety disorders, and insomnia, as well as other more severe conditions.
It’s also a fantastic alternative to prescription medications such as opioids and sleeping pills. 

PhenoPen contains pure, full-spectrum CBD extract with a proprietary organic formula. This means there are zero additives, carrier liquids or flavorings in the mix, just 100% organic CBD and hemp extract in liquid form.


A unique formulation of the finest CBD extract and terpenes administered through a proprietary delivery system for fast and substantial relief from the first drop to the last. 

PhenoPen’s advanced design was created and manufactured for use as a medical aid with Phonepen’s bespoke 100% pure hemp extract cartridges. 

Herbal relief has never been so simple, effective and enjoyable.

The PhenoPen is a premium vaping device for CBD. It’s constructed from the best quality raw materials on the market and its superb engineering and expert design makes it the perfect CBD vape device.

A Superior CBD vaping with a proprietary blend of 100% pure Hemp extract.


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Why We Choose Phenopen?


Hemp Oil supplementation offers a range of physical, psychological, and neurological benefits, to support improved quality of life.

The PhenoPen is comprised of two components:

The Body – Contains a powerful and perfectly optimized rechargeable battery, USB charging port and indicator light. The body of the device is also equipped with a built-in Haptic vibration feature for a responsive and mindful vaping experience.

The Cartridge – Each PhenoPen pre-filled cartridge contains 0.5 ML of 100% pure CBD extract in liquid form. Each tamperproof cartridge comes packed with 59.7% CBD Concentration and lasts anything from a couple of weeks to a month depending on us

💆 Pain relief

CBD is known as anti-inflammatory, and help reducing pain.

🧘‍♀️ Relaxation

The rich CBD combination with Terepens and less than 0.2% THC is causing relaxation with no psychoactive effects.

🍮 Appetite control

Various terepens are known to have major effect on our appetite.

🚭 Quit smoking

Change a bad habit into a healthy one.

🛌 Sleep aid

CBD is known to help sleeping disorders of various kinds.

Medical Benefits of CBD

Studies have shown that Cannabidiol (CBD) can be helpful in the treatment of various medical conditions. CBD is thought to have anti-inflammatory qualities and leaves many users with a sense of calm and wellbeing; and in some cases, pain-free. CBD helps thousands of people suffering from a range of mild-to-severe conditions and has proved itself to be a great alternative to chemically-formulated medications. 

The PhenoPen leads the CBD industry as a premium vaping device for fast relief from a range of conditions. Specially formulated by a team of in-house scientists and CBD experts with decades of combined experience, the PhenoPen formulation contains 59.7% CBD Concentration per capsule. It also contains other healthy compounds from the cannabis plant including CBG, CBN, and CBC.



Finally, a hemp product that is safe, effective & legal!

“after 15 years of cigarette smoking the Phenopen helped me Quit it nice and easy. whenever i had an urge to smoke a cigarette i would take few puffs from the phenopen instead. and in time i started to notice that the CBD is making me feel better altogether. i recommend it strongly to everyone.”

Lisa J. ShropshireCalifornia, USA

I was skeptical, now I hardly take any pain killers anymore!

“I suffer from bad knees. since i started using the Phenopen i hardly take any pain killers anymore. i was skeptical about it as i never even smoked a cigarette in my life, but to my surprise it was easy to inhale and very tasty.”

Paula WintersFlorida, USA

Perspective Review On PhenoPen

Recent discoveries of innovative CBD in medicine and pharmacology prove to be very effective and practical. Thanks to this, possesses antioxidants, rejuvenating, painful and calming properties. CBD stimulates endocannabinoid system activity and reduces the activity of free radicals.

Hence, in turn, contributes to calming, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. One of the fastest ways to use CBD is vape. Pheno Pen device is one of the most innovative vaporizers on the market.

It helps to reduce stress and improves well-being. Made of high-quality organic materials, you can use the most effective way to use CBD. Healthy Vape Device responds to nerve receptors and helps influence emotional fluctuations and different types of pain.

Based on proven medical goals, 100% CBD Vapen Pen shows significant therapeutic benefits, such as treatment of epilepsy, natural pain, and more.

What Is Pheno Pen?

Pheno Pen Device presents as a high-quality CBD panel that offers a pure CBD mix on the market. A European company uses only 100% natural ingredients from its approved suppliers who try to create a revolutionary famous experience for their customers. The device also uses 100% pure CBD extracts without artificial or animal extracts.

THC, additives or solvents do not get included in the ingredients. Mabsut Life, a wellness company lagging behind this, works to provide clients with a legal, safe and convenient way to deliver the medical value of hemp ingredients. The team monitor on more innovative products focused on the well-being and use of cannabis ingredients to improve health.

How Does Pheno Pen Works?

The company uses high-quality materials and excellent technology for the production of pen and cartridge. In short, the pen staples and does not seem to be recognizable as a vape. The length is only 105 mm when the clutch is fully installed during use. In addition, the battery is comfortable enough to be able to respond quickly.

The cartridge is also smooth and easy to use, and by evaporation you hardly notice it. Therefore, the sealant helps to protect the quality and consistency of the CBD extract. The components pack in free space to provide a number of benefits.

What Will You Get From Pheno Pen?

  • The Healthy Vape Device aids to reduce chronic pain and inflammatory symptoms.
  • This really helps reduce anxiety and lowers stress so that you feel better.
  • The vape device effects on bone health and cardiovascular diseases in general.
  • In addition, effectively reduces headaches and other painful symptoms.
  • The CBD compound system helps for deep sleep and reduce fatigue.


  • Using a high number of CBD varieties extract for making this system.
  • The pure form creates to pack into the device as a healthy, non-toxic, Drug Delivery System (DDS).
  • The product assembles from the highest quality raw materials sourced from the top accredited European suppliers.
  • The Healthy Vape Device contains only pure CBD and has no additives or solvents.
  • The sleek and reliable pen that can solve your problems and fits in your bag.
  • With a psychoactive formulation, this ensures a smooth and relieving experience in every use.


  • It is available only online so needs a fair internet connection.


Finally, We recommend Pheno Pen Device, to everyone, because it serves you to lead a healthy life.

This is a package with better outcomes consisting of a battery and a cassette. When it uses, the battery heats the part that converts the e-liquid content into steam. In addition, this evaporator equips with vibrations that mimic the inspiration, and the light indicates when it’s charging time. However, Healthy Vape Device characterizes by the simplicity of design to use. The product offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if in case you do not thrill with the usage. So, do not miss this risk-free system to regain your life again ever. Hurry up today.


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