I Tried a CBD Oil Massage and It Was the Best Thing Ever!

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All massages are amazing. Like, so freaking wonderful. Can I get an amen from all the mamas out there?

A massage is an hour (or more!) of quiet—practically synonymous with a miracle in my book. It’s a time of 100 percent self-care, which is much needed for my sanity. Then there are the aches and pains of carrying my hefty toddler and the crick in my neck from less-than-ideal nursing positions throughout the years.

Needless to say, a massage feels like a motherhood necessity. Of course, the last massage I had was almost two years ago. Because that’s what moms do—put everyone’s needs ahead of their own.

But it’s a new year and I’ve decided it’s time to start taking care of myself. So, upon a friend’s glowing recommendation, I booked a 90-minute CBD oil and hot stone massage.

Yes, it’s a thing.

Now, a quick disclaimer: I live in Washington state, where medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal. This includes cannabidiol (CBD) which is very different than traditional marijuana and the “high” associated with it. CBD oil has low to no THC, the psychoactive ingredient, in it — making its benefits and risks very different than traditional marijuana. CBD oil is made by extracting cannabidiol from the cannabis/marijuana plant. It is then diluted with a carrier oil to become CBD oil.

Now, back to this epic massage. With cello music setting the mood, I settled onto the massage table. CBD oil is known to reduce pain and, as I mentioned, carrying and nursing my toddler have done quite the number on my neck and shoulders. I asked my therapist to focus on that area, as well as my skull, because my uncomfortable breastfeeding positions seem to have induced occasional headaches.

I left on cloud nine.

For 90 minutes, she worked her magic. I fell into the peace of a dimly lit room with the calming scent of CBD mixed with coconut oil. I’m not one to fall asleep during massages, but this one relaxed me to the brink of heaven. Tight muscles were relieved and tension disappeared. The anxiety and banter and chaos of the day became nonexistent.

Perhaps it was my therapist’s skill and dedication that made this massage extra special. Perhaps it was the fact that I couldn’t remember the last time I had been completely off the clock of motherhood. But, I think the added element of CBD oil was the true secret. This massage was — hands down — the best ever.

I left on cloud nine.

My muscles didn’t ache, my spirit felt at ease and I was beyond relaxed. The combination of CBD oil and hot stones are exactly what a mother’s massage ought to entail. It’s truly self-care at its finest. If you’ve been on the fence or have been curious about what it would be like, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Do yourself a favor and book one ASAP.

You deserve it.

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