Can CBD Enhance Memory? What the Scientists Say?

Marijuana smokers have long been associated with short-term memory loss.  Because cannabis kills brain cells, right? Well, think again. Although it seems counterintuitive to imply that cannabis might actually protect the brain and enhance memory, there is a small but growing amount of evidence that suggests that CBD, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, may be able to do just that.

The fear of developing a debilitating form of dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease, is real for many people. This same fear is the reason why learning more about CBD, including its effects on memory, is so intriguing.
Whether it’s Alzheimer’s or general memory loss, there is scientific research that is pointing towards the potential of CBD to help brain functioning and improve memory.

CBD for Memory Enhancement

Of the 400 compounds, more than 60 are completely specific to the cannabis plant. One of the most well-known and fascinating is CBD. The more we learn about CBD, the more it becomes deemed to revolutionize the medical world as we know it.

CBD holds the key to a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic effects that cannabis has to offer.

Perhaps one of the most vitally important qualities of CBD is that it’s non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get the user “high.” Unlike THC, which is the compound with the legendary power of producing a euphoric high, CBD is inert in terms of mind-altering effects. This means that when it’s taken on its own, the user doesn’t experience any of the sensations of being stoned.

Research states CBD could enhance memory

While many people believe that marijuana is to blame for memory loss, this isn’t entirely true. In fact, CBD has already been proven to help people who suffer from degenerative memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies have even suggested that CBD may be able to improve overall cognition.

In one particular study that involved animal models of brain injury, researchers found that CBD increased the number of viable brain cells and decreased the number of injured brain cells by more than 50%.
The neuroprotective effects of CBD are believed to be due to its action on the CB2 receptor. CBD acts on the CB2 receptor to produce anti-inflammatory responses in the immune cells of the brain, therefore minimizing the extent of damage caused by inflammation. Oxidation also causes damage to the brain, and is partly responsible for the brain damage found in conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, studies have shown that CBD acts on the CB2 receptor to reduce oxidative damage.

This essentially means that CBD can help to improve memory, if your brain has been affected by one of the above conditions.

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